Just watched The Social Network

I suspect that a great number of people emerging from watching this film will feel quite inspired. Inspired to undertake their own social networking projects and tap into the fountain of success that Mark Zuckerburg attained through Facebook. Of course the reality is success does not come with replicating a working idea several hundred times with no unique perspective. 

The challenge of making a successful social network seems to be to provide a service which suits the demands of the target audience. There's no point giving them an identical service to one that already exists, has been around longer and is experienced in the field. Conducting surveys to find out what people look for and expect in a social networking site could be beneficial in forming the baseline of what any network would look like.

You have to be prepared to put a considerable amount of time and effort into such a large project, and be ready with the necessary tools and personnel you will need. From programmers to advertisers and business-minded individuals of whom all would be critical in collaborating on the task in hand.

In order to have an enormous advantage and be in popular demand a number of things would have to be established correctly early-on. Including a name which represents your brand and image and is vital in distancing you from the rest of the crowd. Something punchy and exciting, catchy or a play-on-words could be the goldpot for implementing a fundamental crowd-drawer in your project.

Second is a unique or original feature or service which benefits the audience you're aiming for. If you're going to recycle old ideas by someone else, make sure you have a unique spin or improve upon their concept to produce something flawless.

I think these are fundamental parts to any successful website let alone a Social Networking site. Keeping motivated and productive is another challenge that must be identified and progressed on from swiftly, otherwise it may burden down the entire project leading to undoubted fail.


ed said...

it was entertaining, didnt feel anything more to it

Patti D. said...

I didn't liked the movie and did not give it as much though as you did!

Anonymous said...

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Emma said...

i wanted the movie to be more of a story than it was.

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