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Just a quick post today. I know I've been a little behind but I've been constructing another website which should benefit all sorts of bloggers out there. I thought I'd make a website that provides high quality blogger templates for free. The result is ImpurityShock. The archive is quite small at the moment but I hope to expand over the coming weeks offering you dozens of stunning templates that you can use.

Once again thanks greatly for all the support for aphoticdark and I'm working on a number of new articles upcoming this week including a Killzone 3 review and a closer look at some alternatives to Facebook and why they haven't recieved as much success. Personally I think Facebook came along just at the right time and offered a service that was just a step-up from popular services Bebo and MySpace which were becoming a little dull. But well, I'll explore all that in greater detail later.

Until then thanks for reading!

Most Anticipated FPS Games 2011



Killzone 3

Killzone 3 is the sequel to the sensational Killzone 2 -  notorious for its close-quarter intense confrontations and brutal gameplay through a deadly arsenal of weapons and character classes. The game picks up immediately at the point where the last one ends and revolves around the central protagonist Sev and his efforts against the furious Helghast. This will definitely be a shooter with spite and one to look out for early this year.


Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 is the sequal to the groundbreaking Modern Warefare 2 critically acclaimed for being a revolutionary FPS shooter pioneering tactical gameplay and becoming one of the most successful computer games of all time.  Expect a whole new field of weapons, maps and essentials to enjoy in this new game which should improve upon the last, and hopefully provide some solid gaming entertainment both from the deep campaign and multiplayer chaos.


Battlefield 3

One of the most anticipated games is Battlefield 3. Be prepared for a gripping joy-ride of a fast-paced shooter in all types of conditions and terrains. One good thing about the second game was the ability to destroy virtually all structures with RPG and missiles to devastate and surprise enemy insurgents awaiting inside. Let's hope they introduce new original features like this into Battlefield 3 to make it an even more glorious first person shooter.


Crysis 2

Crysis 2 will be another hard-hitting FPS adventure game with a library of new features to enhance your gaming experience. Utilize stealth modes, improved armor and heavy weapons to annihilate your foes into smithereens. UA very vast and expansive game which is often simply stunning, but also a head-on first person shooter with some quite unique action and terrifying firefight situations to leave you breathless.



Homefront is a first person shooter based in an almost apocalyptic American when Korea invades the United States with their military and nuclear capabilities to flush you out. This should be quite intense and hard-hitting. This time the war has come to much more familiar surroundings for some. Homefront could potentially be released very soon this month to an eagerly awaiting crowd of action-seekers.