The NGP (PlayStation Portable 2): A console to withstand time?

It has been a long while since Sony's last handheld. But now that news has spread about their new device there is a lot of discussion on whether it can exceed both the hype and the expectations of users. To add competition Nintendo is also pushing forward its concept of a new Nintendo DS handheld console to rival Sony.

There were numerous problems with the first PlayStation portable device which may be resolved in this new model. First Person Shooter (FPS) games tend to rely quite heavily on the ability to play with two analogue sticks, something which the first PSP lacked. But fortunately we might actually see a handheld with two this time!

Personally I've never seen the need for a double screen external interface like the Nintendo DS. It seems like it could aid the game playing experience but not in a drastic way to make the extra screen worthwhile. Sony's physical design of having one large screen meant the console will not be bulky, and could easily slip into your pocket being lightweight and convenient for use.

Another thing was the fiddly controls which often made simple tasks all the more complicated. Sony's solution is to intoduce a touchscreen similar to that of Apple's iPod device so there is less time spent fumbling around with the D-Pad. In fact the NGP will now have a five inch 16 million colour 960x544 OLED touchscreen. Impressive much?

That's definitely going to be great for watching movies and media out and about. I'm just worried that the cost is going to be extortionate with all this advanced technology.

According to Eurogamer the retail price for the NGP will be "so low that Sony will lose money". That's quite shocking but also exciting at the same time. It'll definitely make it much easier for people to get their hands on one of these beauties! On a slightly less positive note Sony have not commented on the battery life but it is expected to have between 4-5 consistent hours.

I hope this drawback does not defuse what is otherwise a revolutionary new handheld media console.

The power of the NGP processing power is remarkable. It has been stated that the NGP's quad-core GPU setup is 'four times as powerful as top of the range current mobile platforms'. Quite frankely, this puts the game playing abilities of the iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android to shame. However this is a gaming platform instead of a mobile phone. But I know that many people have chosen one single device for all their needs - I think a lot of people are going to re-evaluate that decision after hearing about the NGP. One outcome is this could make the iPod's gaming apps obsolete. This is truly going to feel like having a PS3 in your pocket wherever you go.

I've researched quite deeply into the features and capabilities of the NGP and the power of this small handheld is genuinely stunning. It boasts some quite graphically intense launch titles including Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance and LittleBigPlanet.  If you've ever had the delight of playing some of these classics then you'll be aware of how vast and large these games are. The fact that these games will even be playable on a console a tenth of the size of the PS3 is bewildering to say the least.

To survive in this day and age the NGP must be adaptable with other media which is why they've ditched Universal Media Disks (UMDs) and adopted Flash Disks which are more compatible and can hold larges file sizes which will be beneficial for the type of games it will be playing.

I also love that the NGP is going to provide a social interaction system named LiveArea which will connect the gaming audience together into one large community with relation to the already existent PlayStation Network (PSN). Through LiveArea you will be able to compete with other gamers and also earn achievements from games which are stored on your virtual profile.

To conclude the NGP is such a revolutionary advancement in both technology and social gaming alike. We can look forward to a console which delivers unspeakably high definition games and movies. Nintendo will certainly have to push boundaries in order to rival the NGP's extraordinary features. But only time will tell. Battery life is concerning but that is in no way definitive and could still change according to various sources. Let's just hope that the benefits of this amazing console outweigh any minor downsides.

Sony has claimed that the NGP could be available as early as Christmas 2011.


lloyd redgrave said...

I my first PSP was a 3000, and it got stolen. But I can't wait for this, I hope I get it for Christmas.

PekkaK said...

I remember when I bought my first PS1, it cost a fortune... Times flies

Ajora said...

My PSP was worth the buy, mainly because I jailbroke it and it opened up a whole variety of options. I'm looking forward to the new one also.

greenluigi123 said...

also there is the PSP (playstation phone) which will contend with this gadget, so going to be an interesting competition of gaming gadgets this year

Sean said...

this does look awesome