Futuristic Concept Phones: Some Gripping Designs & Ridiculous Innovation


The Nokia Aeon

The Nokia Aeon
This is the Nokia Aeon. A stylish and sophisticated future mobile phone model with quite an eccentric colour display and slim-lined appearence. It is a lightweight device that will be suitable for all uses including media and video applications and entertainment alongside the phone primary phone function. Supposedly it will also be touch screen which would bring some sensitivity and overall better interaction to this handheld phone. I can't help wonder whether a touchscreen will be entirely appropriate on this device as the screen seems awful small to manouver clumsy fingers over. Regardless a very modern and elegent feel. One other aspect that I like about this design is that unlike a number of large smartphones available today this is nice and compact, less cluttered and holds a simple working design which definitely appeals to the useability side of this device - It won't feel like you're holding a brick up to your ear. This could potentially be shifted into production this month.

Enticing little sleek machine that posesses great power, innovation and an almost electrical vibe.

Benq-Siemens Snaked

The Benq-Siemens Snaked
On a slightly more bizarre note allow me to introduce the Benq-Siemens Snaked. A phone which could leave you recoiling in horror or ecstatic with excitement. oIt has been described as the "reptile" of mobiles phones and I have to say I see the resemblence. Although there is seemingly something surreal about this slippery monster that is quite possessive and mystical. It has body motion sensors which can aid in keeping fit regemes and generate a number of useful healthy applications from this making it ultimately a very useful product as well as an innovative design.

The Benq-Siemens Snaked is a bizarre and wacky piece of techlology with the ability to make passers-by gawk in awe and disbelief

Dark Label Retroxis

The Dark Label Retroxis
The Retroxis from Dark Label is an interesting turn on the flip-up concept for mobile devices. The body of the phone is produced from a high-polished polycarbonate material which is durable but also lightweight and has the strength to outlast and rough impact with a surface. It is also stated to have an 'invisible' OLED screen which hides away quietly when not in use. All round it looks like a very sexy model with great potential to make an impact on the consumer market, if not a slightly bit lengthy - or is that fashionable now? Either way it folds up into a neat and beautiful beast which fits deliquetely into your pocket. Maybe it's a bit student-ish, or is that just me? I'm not to sure if design is taking the place of functionability here.

Folds up into a neat and beautiful beast which fits deliquetely into your pocket.

The Window Phone

The Window Phone
This is the Window Phone. A breathtaking concept phone that changes the appearence on its screen based on the current weather. Essnetially the screen of this phone is clear plastic which is transparent and has several different visuals depending on the weather - For sunny days the screen is clear, for rainly days the screen is splattered with drips and during a snowly day it is frosted over. The screen is sensitivive and interacts with the user to input data directly onto the screen and navigate menus, type information and make phone calls. This is genuinely the most impressive phone I've seen thus far in my research. A phenomenal advancement in technology and oh so futuristic that you can imagine the immense atomic-bomb effect this would have on the consumer market almost definitely taking it by complete storm. The price scares me though for this amount of technological whizz there is surely going to be a hefty tag attached to this that pocket money isn't quite going to cover. Hopefull we'll see this enthralling model alive and active in the market sometime in the future. If not, we can always gaze at the screen in longing.

A phenomenon that could literally dominate the entire world's market with the force of a thousand tornados.

Examples of the different sweather visual effects of the Window Phone


The mobile phone market is notorious for astounding innovation and unpredictable designs. These concepts are something that we would have only dreamed about a few years ago..

Now they are nearing reality.

Transformice: A Pandemonium Stricken Multiplayer Game With Attitude


Transformice (English Server)

"Unpredictable and sometimes insane - Feel the wrath of a swarm of teenage mice"

The Shaman mouse has the duty of spawning objected to aid
and help out the other mice to overcome obstacles.
Transformice is a multiplayer puzzle solving game which has become quite a storm in recent months. You are jumped straight into a situation with other human online players and given the objectives to collect the "cheese" and return it to the "mouse hole". Simply enough, right? Of course with each map you encounter difficulties and some obstacles are impossible to tackle without the support of one elected player who is the super mouse (known as the 'Shaman') and who has the powers to spawn objects to aid your plight. You're strapped by a strict time limit and only have one life per map so use it wisely when trying to capture the cheese and make first place. Typically, since one player is often elected to lead the other mice to the cheese it is inevitable that somewhere along the line they will use their powers to.. let's say in the nicest way possible, inconvenience you. Primarily this involves attempting to annihilate you using any means at their disposal. So yes, you're going to get some Shamans who have the twisted alterior motive of blasting you off the map to certain death using their array of spawning tools which can become all the more sinister depending on who's running the show.

"The Shaman will often try to annihilate you using any means at their disposal. Be aware of incoming attacks at all times".

Each map is new and inventive, giving you different puzzles
on varying degrees of difficulty.
Communicate and form strategies with your fellow mice using the chat box located in the below section of your screen. Quite a useful feature for establishing plans to combat testing tasks this feature mainly poses a way to bombard other players with insults in the heat of the moment. You'll find that the chat section is a beast that has to be controlled in order to accomplisher anything, and that the people who you're talking to often have no other purpose in life other than to en-fury and ignite your fierce temper. Common methods of annoying the hell out of people include blocking the pathway that other mice attempting to use, blasting everyone off the cliff as Shaman, using the chat box to spew crude insults such as "noob" at the other players despite their expertise in maneuvering the map to obtain the cheese quicker than you - Often the perfect stunt for inciting hatred, unrest and rage amongst all the players in the room.

"The people you're talking to often have no other purpose than to infuriate and ignite your temper".

On occasion there can be an excess of 90 mice in one room -
As you can imagine with clustering the havoc that ensues.
The secret to this game is definitely to keep a cool head. Because you can become quite worked up over the naivety of some of the comments and the irritating players you have to babysit as Shaman. And you'll no doubt be tempted just to blast them off the cliff to certain doom or en-cage them in a wooden prison so you can laugh manically at their misfortune for being such a "noob". Note of caution: Prepare to encounter an overwhelming fluctuation of little kids who have infected the blood stream of this game and proceed to spread their little egos and their undeserving sense of accomplishment all over the chat - Anyone who uses the term "noob" is the biggest "noob" of all. You'll quickly identify the little kids and learn to avoid them, a concise but effective remark of "isn't it past your bed-time?" should get under their skin as payback for their incapacity to understand the workings of a simple game. Be equipped, "Your mom" jokes can often be the ideal retort for dealing with the types of misfits and giggling school kids you have the inevitable displeasure of bumping into on this game.

"Prepare to encounter an overwhelming fluctuation of little kids who have infected the blood stream of this game".

This is all a fundamental part of the game's success and enjoyability - The opportunity to solve puzzles as part of a team but also in competition as rivalry with co-players. The features which of the game which get you feeling hyped and amped are the never ending range of situations you have to face and defeat. There's also a map editor and a tribe system where you can hook up with fellow mice and take on the world together. You earn titles and are able to buy items to customize your mouse with the cheese you earn from public missions. In conclusion despite the many foul-mouthed idiots brandishing their penises and reciting the latest mom jokes in your face constantly you should have an interesting time with this game, even if you're not an avid fan of this genre of games the online multiplayer element could really appeal to you as it rely s on communicating with other people to achieve a greater victory.

"Surprisingly addictive. Liable to deliver an experience packed with wonder and confusion".

The immense confusion and infuriated rage will undoubtedly leave you wide eyed and open-mouthed. Learn to adapt and be immune from unpredictable insults and be oblivious to the idiotic behavior taking place around you and you should fit into this sticky mess of uncoordinated madness and pre-pubic misunderstanding.

Transformice (English Server)

Call of Duty Black Ops: A Flawed & Mediocre Shooter


"A flawed and mediocre shooter let down by some basic faults"  
Review Score: 5/10

I'm sure you can taste the bitterness of my opinion on this abysmal excuse for game. The reality is that I'm exaggerating the flaws of the game to the extent that it obscures my view of the solid gameplay and stunning visuals. But the fact is these flaws are evidently so bad that they make the entire game an atrocious mess that is difficult to play without getting increasingly frustrated at the shoddy execution of what could have be been a great addition to the franchise. The intense action delivers a pulse and a vibe of life which is cut short from the problematic workings of a game that has clearly not been properly tested.

I'll look at the positives very quickly mainly because there are so few of them I want to wallow in them for a moment. The weapons are incredible and the diversity of all new guns and attachments will definitely appeal to the marksmanship players, these range from snipers to light-machine guns and rocket launchers. One minor problem here is that some of the weapons are over-powered and defeats the option of being able to use any weapon in a particular match; unless you are either an expert with that weapon or are prepared to get whipped up by the players wielding the apparently legendary AK74u which slaughters you in a matter of bullets. That and the Famas have partially destroyed this game in terms of multiplayer as you'll soon encounter storms of people wielding these weapons with the ability to gun you down before you've had time to draw your slow and bulky firearms.

The excessively overpowered weapons have partially ruined the multiplayer aspect of Black Ops

They've also patched quickscoping for the sniper rifle. If you are not familiar with quickscoping - It's when you zoom in for a fraction of a second and take a shot using the game's helpful targeting system. Perfect for players who desire the effectiveness of the sniper rifle but don't want to sit and camp and the back of the map, venturing out to free roam and take on opponents. Now when you fire with the sniper, regarding the quickscoping patch, the bullet instead of hitting its target veers of an some weird obscure angle and misses completely. While a brief second of surprise washes over you until the enemy played, now noticing you for firing the shot, turns around and tears your flesh to sheds from seemingly one Famas round.

Yes the problems are only just beginning at this stage sadly. If you're playing this game on the PS3 system then you're in for a shock. Being a port from the Xbox 360 version this game is riddled with major connection issues which logging onto the server. It's a nightmare. My connection and router are excellent and the strength is unmatched - Yet Black Ops is evidently envious of my superior game playing abilities and decides to disconnect me frequently every several minutes for no apparent reason. And this is happening with all PS3 users. There is simply no reason for it other than the negligence of the Call of Duty staff who failed to attend to a fundamental problem and thus it has escalated to many players hating this game with a passion.

Prepare to be bombarded with more connection worries! Call of Duty has the perverted tendency and vision to host the game's players on one individual player naming them the host. Therefore whenever the host leaves the game everyone is halted and put into a host migration operation which is irritating beyond words, especially whilst you're in the middle of combat and about to down an enemy. You lose concentration and all involvement in the game making you feel separated and spoiling the moment of intense game play. What is so hard about hosting the games on a server like Killzone does?

Whenever the host leaves the game everyone is halted and put into a host migration operation which is irritating beyond words.

I'm feeling quick sick with the game already. Slapping another problem down on the table is the ridicules random spawning system they have going on. Specifically this involves randomly spawning all over the map and sometimes directly in front of an enemy firefight causing immediate death. Moving on I don't think it is even possible to have a positive wins/loses ratio in this game - because each game you're automatically placed in the losing team. Which brings me onto the largest problem of all. And this one definitely shoots a round of Famas bullets in the face of all the other stampeding problems that have infected the veins of this puddle of puke they call a game. It joins you into random games that are most often half way through of only have seconds left to end. So you are forced into a game which ends two seconds later and counts as a loss on your profile. What's more this can happen for several consecutive games wasting ten or twenty minutes of your life connecting to matches that have already ended. The game Killzone allowed you to choose the game you wanted to join. And again I'm referencing Killzone.. because it was everything this game was and more. Don't get me wrong I'm an avid Call of Duty fan. Or I was until they launched a game that had probably been designed by illiterate seven-year olds and produced by a brain damaged budgie named Cletus.

On a brighter not at least it's not made by Treyarch this time which is a big sigh of relief. Although the actual gameplay resembles nothing better. In a futile attempt to stop people boosting they eliminated good solid features of the game which made it enjoyable. I am seriously at a loss for words how you can reduce the number of players in game modes and restrict certain matches just to combat this in a failing attempt to thwart their efforts which will never succeed. They spent more time looking at ways to annoy everyone through gameplay modifications than they spend making sure people couldn't hack the game and get to fifteenth prestige. Would it surprise you that they failed to do that also? Did I mention that the game often gets stuck on the loading screen forcing you to restart your console? Must've slipped my mind when I was ranting about all the other brutal disregard for faults that they have shown in this game. You are also jet-packed into random maps where some of which are delicately unideal for utilizing your skills thus you may be forced to quit several games until you find one large enough to equip the sniper and be able to use it effectively. This can cause annoyance since you are restricted quite harshly depending on the map. It's not about adapting to the environment - It's annoying that you can never use your favorite guns.

Good for a cheap thrill, nothing more. The appeal of this game will wear off in a few weeks to a month.

The campaign is not all that good either. And you'll be very game naive to say that is has solid and entertaining  game factors. It's all scripted out of the box and there is nothing to really give a feel that you are involved in the action around you. The artificial intelligence is poor and I had expected much better. Overall a very unsatisfying campaign with a firm story but lacking in thought and creativity making it a very bland and generic shooter. Great for messing around with friends on a Saturday afternoon but boring when playing on your own for any decent length of time without the consumption of alcohol to make it seem less shit. To conclude on the multiplayer the action-packed games can be quite fun at first and you'll be gob-smacked by the variety of weapons, perks and attachments which blinds you from the truth of the flimsy gameplay and library of faults which ultimately make this game a miserable failure beyond all reasonable doubt.

Get back to the drawing board Activision because this is pathetic. There's no nice way to say it. I'd recommend sticking to Modern Warfare 2 for the time being.

Music: Greatest Free Applications for Music Enthusiasts




LastFM is simply great. You immediately become more involved in the community aspect of music by creating a custom profile and choosing your tastes. LastFM even recommends you music from its vast archive of songs and albums. You'll be searching for long into the night to find a service that matches the sheer capabilities of LastFM. What's more you'll never be disappointed at what this personal and expansive service has to offer you.



If you've never heard of Spotify you're in for a delightful treat, but also a bashing around the head for not knowing of this wonderful beast. It's a free application that lets you play your favorite tracks, construct playlists and browse popular artists. Very convenient and high quality music gives you the pleasure of sitting back in your chair and relaxing to some of your most-loved tunes. Spotify is currently only available in the United Kingdom and a few other European countries. I hope soon that they launch Spotifty for worldwide listeners all across the globe.



A funky web application providing quality music and coordinated searchings through a manageable interface. The Spotify like navigation lets you listen to music instantly without any time-consuming long searches or playlist management necessary. It also has upgrades to VIP for additional features but the free version is almost as good. Trust me, I'm a shark when it comes to things like this - a groovy one to.

Project Playlist

Project Playlist

A simply to use website where you can easily browse for your desired music via the homepage. The tracks can then be added to playlists for your enjoyment. An effective and simple navigation enhances the ease-of-use and you'll find yourself being able to make and listen to your chosen playlists in seconds. The downside of this once again is that it is currently only available in certain countries. It is based in the United States of America.



Similar to Project Playlist - we7 offers a humongous range of high quality tracks and albums for your entertainment. You can create playlists and sign up to benefit from additional features included in the site. Once again it is restricted to some countries and the consistent interference from advertisements prior to and after playing tracks can cause minor annoyance. You can however upgrade to premium for a low cost which leaves you with an almost unbeatable service to enjoy. It's also very adaptable, and can be viewed on mobile devices so you can stay with your music wherever you go.



Pandora is a US internet radio and music website where you can search for tracks from their database. Despite being a very comprehensive service Pandora is only available to persons residing in the US at this time. It's a free service with the option to ungraded for additional features and utilities.



A cheeky piece of software so similar to Spotify you'll hardly notice the difference. A friendly and inviting service which offers you a wide range of music to listen to and download. Stylish controls and a smooth and manouverable interface makes this service a challenging opponent to some of the rival contenders. You do have to download this one like Spotify - But it's worth it instead of streaming songs from a website. Definitely check this one out, you'd be a mufin not to.

Chatroulette - Some Peachy Alternatives to Liven Up Your Video Experience


Not Russian roulette - Chatroulette. The most notorious video real-time video conversation website on the internet today. The way Chatoulette works is by connecting you with a random stranger to allow you to video chat with that person and discuss whatever you please. You may not be faced with a participant weilding a loaded gun but the experience can sometimes be just as unnerving. The concept of Chatroulette is great - providing a service that lets people meet new friends and have an uplifting time video sharing. One problem with this concept is the reality that with so much freedom comes the inevitable people who are all to eager to abuse it.

You'll almost certainly be faced with a vast array of men showing their genitalia, performing grotesque actions with their stumps of meat or simply requesting that you expose yourself to them for their pleasure. You might be fine with this, but it eradicates any chance of the video connecting community being anything other than a dating site for sexually repressed men and dangerously young teenage girls. I've compiled a list of similar alternatives to Chatroulette that you may want to check out. Of course they're not all going to be perfect and free from this kind of behavior but some definitely have advantages over Chatroulette. So without further ado let's light 'em up.

  1. Omegle - This started out as a text-only chat but now offers video capabilities. The benefits are such a diverse range of people to connect with and it is also available as an app for iPhone users etc. The downsides are there are many with poor English speaking skills which often makes it hard to communicate.
  2. Kittehroulette - It's got Kittehs! It might not be real time or allow you to connect with anyone. But it cycles through some adorable kittens for your entertainment.
  3. FlirtSpin - All the dating enthusiasts from Chatroulette should migrate here, it's never going to happen, but this site is specially designed for finding partners through it's service. You can determine your sexuality and details to be matched with the appropriate talk partner for video love-making.
  4. Jaydoe - Like Chatroulette this service pairs you with a random stranger, but not just random. It determines who to match you with regarding your interests to give you a partner of whom you share common interests. Helpful for finding interesting people to talk to.
  5. Zupyo - Zypyo lets you search for random strangers based on geographical locations so you can find local people to converse with. If you live in Sweden you'll be paired with a Swedish counterpart with similar interests, not an Australian woman looking to discuss phone directories. Potentially one of the most useful of all the roulettes.

I hope I've enlightened and opened your mind to some new alternatives to Chatroulette that you can investigate at your leisure. Some of the will ultimately be better than others but these were the pick of the crop that I could find. Whether you're looking for your ideal partner/friendship or just a lighthearted conversation with a stranger then you should definitely try out these amazing services. It must be noted that you will undoubtedly be faced with some graphic content, either pornographic or otherwise. There are literally thousands of people on these services and you'll have to search through the majority to find that one person you're looking for. Or maybe you're prepared to actively converse with anyone and see where that leads you. But remember. You'll never have an experience like it again, for better or for worse.

Flash And Photoshop - A Creative Introduction


A luscious example of Photoshop design.

Photoshop and Flash are delicious programs that can be used to make your websites/blogs more vibrant and entertaining. I've talked a lot about the benefits of incorporating different types of media into your page, and now I've decided to show you possibly two of the most creative forms and give you a basic rundown of what they do and how to get started. There's both created by Adobe who make other outstanding products for media uses ranging from video effects to website creation software.

Firstly you have to understand that Photoshop and Flash are both entirely different things but the tools available in both are pretty much the same which means if you know how to use one you can use both. This makes the transition between both designer programs both easier and quicker to comprehend so you can skip the learning stages and get straight down to knocking up a fruitful design or short animation.


Adobe Flash CS5
Adobe Flash CS5

  • Flash is a product which allows you to create animations. (Or in layman's terms it makes moving objects and cartoons). You can make all ranges of interactive media using Flash through its use of a 'timeline' and 'frames' which allow you to position drawings at different points in your animation to create a moving prototype. Flash has many uses, you've probably seen advertisements or Flash cartoons created entirely with Flash. A good place to check out examples of captivating Flash cartoons is Newgrounds which was the original and first Flash portal on the internet.
  • It can however be quite a costly program but you can try the free trial download available from Adobe above which runs for a set duration of time until expiration. This is great because it allows you to test out the fully-functioning program for yourself. You'll see how easy it is to draw objects on the timeline and then make them come alive in the form of animation. It really is a very easy piece of software which can produce some fantastic results that can liven up your website or blog.
  • Basic Flash Tutorials - These are neat little tutorials to help you understand the basics of setting up a document and starting simples animation in Flash. It doesn't have many pictures to demonstrate unfortunately but it is a great website for learning the basics of a number of different kinds of programming/designing application. You can follow the chapters or jump to individual ones that catch your interest. You can also find steady-paced video tutorials on YouTube which can often aid better than any written one.


Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5

  • Photoshop is a software tool used by designers to make custom graphics for their websites/blogs. It can come in useful for creating banners, additional graphics, themes and all manor of interesting improvements to aid the appearance of your page. Skilled Photoshop artists can often end up designing the entire website template which does bring originality to your page and saves hiring a professional graphic designer. It's definitely a useful skill to learn if you haven't already.
  • An inspiring place to get motivation is a website called DeviantArt but be careful as some of the creations could blow you away with their epicness. There are so many styles you can fit into with Photoshop from grunge to ambient and funk - It's your chance to feel around and decide what style you work best and are most comfortable with. Don't be afraid to experiement with creating new things in Photoshop that's what its there for. You'll be surprised.
  • Photoshop Effects Tutorials - Has a range of effective tutorials demonstrating a range of effects you can experiment with on Photoshop. The benefit to following one of these tutorials is you can move along at your own pace and it has support forums if you need to ask a question. Before long you'll be puking out your own iconic masterpieces to share with the world. 


Photoshop art displaying fine saturation effects

And for some final words...

Flash and Photoshop just open the door to whatever ambitions you have for creating and designing relevant material for your website. Perhaps you could use your acquired skills to give that extra vibe to your site? I'm considering actually making a few Flash widgets to include in the sidebar. Do remember the only limit is your own imagination! (I know that sounds a bit cheesy).

Just look around you whenever you visit another website. I'd hazard a guess that most of the content that is not hand-written has seen the inside of Photoshop/Flash or another designer tool at some point in it's lifetime. It's amazing to see how far these programs reach on the internet. And at the same time the fact that you are using the same program to produce your media as large companies turning over millions each year are using to produce theirs.

Advice for Webmasters: Promotion & Social Interaction


The hard part is capturing interest. The hardest part is keeping that interest alive through
 your posts so make every post have meaning and importance.

1. Interacting With People!

  • People love to interact with your website so give them the opportunity to do so.
  • Brighten up the overall feel of your website with images and a color scheme to match your them and the impression you're aiming for. From experience, lighter themes seem to succeed better than darker ones. If your overall theme's dark them perhaps consider livening it up with some exotic features to captivate the viewer and make it seem less-dull? 
  • You want to give the appearance that your website is adaptive and inviting to visitors. And you won't get that with a simple layout and some text.
  • It needs to be rich and swimming in dynamic content like message boards, comment sections, polls, Flash/Java applications, contests, multimedia items or any other kind of interactive media that has a useful purpose.

2. Keep Generating Content

  • There's nothing worse than visiting a blog that looks and feels vibrant and just when you're ready to follow and support the website you notice that the most recent post was dated 15th March 2007. Keep it active and keep generating interesting content! 
  • It doesn't matter if it's simply a paragraph describing the awkward situation when you got a raccoon stuck in your rectum. Make sure you're updating regularly to show that you're committed.
  • Don't post old news. Keep as up-to-date as you possibly can.
  • Make sure that the subject is interesting! Nobody want's to hear about your kid's foot. But they might if he has a rare foot disease where it swells up to an enormous size and starts playing the harmonica.
  • Length doesn't matter but more in-depth postings give visitors more to read especially if they are interested in the subject matter.
  • A little effort goes a long way, instead of spending five minutes rushing to hot-link a YouTube video why not spend an extra couple of minutes explaining why you like this particular video.

3. Spread The Word

  • Become a contributing member of the wide-world of blogging and webmastering. Keep actively participating and interacting with other websites and blogs that interest you. That way visitors with similar interests to that website will come and check you out! Utilize various search engines to maximize your traffic flow and get noticed. Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn/Plaxo Feeds are also vastly deep pools of traffic that you can dip your website into. There are simply no limits to the amount of advertising you can do to promote your website/blog and all it takes is a little dedication to stick to your guns and keep at it.
Add your Website/Blog to these listings

4. Domain Names

  • There's always a lot of discussion about whether a domain name makes your website/blog look more professional and appealing to new visitors. The truth is a domain name is beneficial because it is easy to remember and so people are more likely to frequent your website. It shows that you've put time and effort into the website to make it as accessible as you can which is always appreciated.
  • If you're genuinely considering whether or not to buy a domain name then think to yourself is it important for your website to have one. There are always the initial benefits of having a domain for things like web search optimization but you have to decide whether it will be worth the purchase in a few months time. Always think to what something it will be like in the future when implementing something new. The golden rule being don't add something pointless that doesn't benefit you simply because you like the way it looks. Everything should be for a functioning purpose even the domain name.

To get started...

There are reliable domain names available which give you a good service for a slightly higher cost. You need to decide how much money you're willing to spend on the website in order for you still to make a return. Don't add some excessive new features/domains unless you plan on earning the money back with consistent traffic. Record the average amount of visitors you gain over a week and then decide if a domain name would be an affordable and good idea.

Always remember don't just buy the first domain name you see! Be constantly looking around for better deals and you can actually get some domains free with cheap web hosting deals. 

I've listed a mixture of cheap and quality domain name providers to get you started.

  • Yahoo! Domains - Lots of support and reasonably cost effective domain name registration from Yahoo domain names. 
  • GoDaddy - One of the most recognized domain name providers also offering web hosting deals and many more offers.
  • 123-Reg - Affordable domains but may only be available in certain countries.
  • UK2 - Quality and affordable domains but only UK based.
  • DotEasy - Effective domains for a fraction more cost.
  • NameCheap- Good domain names for a low cost.

This list is just a few of the most notable domain name registers.
There's over 30,000+ in the United States alone.

You could always sign up for a free domain!

Free domains make you have no commitment and you can easily dispose of them when not needed. Helps to give your website a URL that is easy to remember without having to splash out cash especially if you're unsure whether the website is going to prevail in the long run or not. 

  • FreeDomain.co.nr Classy free domain name and all they require is an affiliate button on your website/blog. 
  • Dot.tk - Free and easy to use domain names.
  • Co.cc - Free .co.cc domain name registration.
  • TinyURL - Not for domain use primarily but to shorten long excessive links.

5. Useful Aids And Features

  • Google Site Search Lets you add a unique search engine to your website/blog so visitors can easily navigate through your articles to find what they're looking for.
  • Google Analytics records traffic sources and what they clicked on while on your page. So you can see which things were most popular and gathered most attention.
  • BrowserShots  See what your website/blog looks like from all the other browsers.

Be related! If you're blog is about music then always share your favorite tracks
and give recommendations based on the type of music you discuss.

6. Conclusion And Last Words

At the end of the day it's your duty to keep the content on your website fresh and exciting. Post new content such as images, videos, helpful information or recommendations on a regular basis depending on what your website is build to present. The more effort you put in will result in the more you receive back in terms of visitors. When you have an active website there's also plenty of things you can do to increase either revenue or simply build on your community. You can open up additional features such as a shop, marketplace to sell goods relating to your site for example. The possibilities really are endless.


I just wanted to say thanks to the enormous amount of support for this blog I've been receiving. So much so that I've been trying to visit the fellow blogs of everyone who's posted but there are simply so many it's going to take ages!

If anyone has suggestions on what to write for future articles then I'm all ears and they are greatly appreciated.

iPhone: Obliterating the competition?


The iPhone is undoubtedly a very stylish and sophisticated mobile device that has greatly dominated the modern market. Everywhere you go you'll see people busy fiddling furiously away at their handhelds or deep in a lengthy and unnecessarily long conversation because they have so many free calls on their contract. Either that or hammering away at some gaming application that involves turning the device sideways in an awkward angular movement to dodge an obstacle in-game - While physically moving your body all over the place causing concern amongst passers-by. The iPhone is ultimately such a diverse piece of technology because it has so many different uses that make it ideal for both business and personal users.

Since the iPhone is an all-round beautiful device and can perform all the needs of the average user with such ease it makes it difficult for contending mobile devices to compete and still be in the same league. Handhelds like the Android and Blackberry smartphones have received some popularity but I can't help wonder what they would be like without the Apple iPhone to contend with. Apple is pushing all the other competitors out of the market but some might say it's simply pioneering the way forward for future technology by experimenting with touchscreen usability. The problem I have with the iPhone is that Apple have been greedy so-and-so's when it comes to connectivity with other software. And the incompatibility that iTunes is renowned for can irritate you the consumer when trying to modify the contents of your iPhone. Here are some great alternatives if you're looking for a smartphone but don't want the iPhone for whatever reason.

Like everything they all have positives and negatives though nothing's perfect but some are definitely better than others.

iPhone Alternatives

  • Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 - It seems to me like Microsoft is constantly trying to put the Windows software onto everything they can find when it is not needed. It's never going to be as good as a PC so why try? Sometimes people want to escape from the office not feel like the office is following them around.
  • Google's Android - Open platform phone means it is easier to become hacked.
  • Blackberry - Smaller screen than most smartphones and it is also not a touchscreen.
  • Samsung's Bada & Nokia's MeeGo - Less recognised mainly due to them being unable to adopt social media.

Below is Microsoft's Windows 7 Phone. Microsoft has battled long and hard to launch a handheld device that would be stylish but also functioning. So far with regards to the Zune MP4 Player they have not gathered the amount of support or sales that had been expected. This could quite possibly be because of the iPhone's dominant hold of the market and how it manages to capture everyone in a hivemind under the impression that the iPhone is the greatest mobile device that has ever existed.

Microsoft Windows 7 Phone

Technology is always going to improve so even holding back a year is going to open up unlimited possibilities as new advancements are made - The smartphones next year are always going to be better than the ones this year. Apple's iPhone is not going to hold to market forever but right now it is one of the most diverse - but not necessarily the best - smartphones on the market within a reasonable price range. Again it depends on what you're using it for but the iPhone is clever in that it suits every type of person and their activities, the vast range of available apps from their store make it suitable for any activity. You'll see other companies copying this idea on their phones. 

It has to be said that without the iPhone however I'm quite confident that phones like the Android and Blackberry would thrive more and be put to their full potential, as people realise how good they actually are. Something that is not appreciated enough while the iPhone has control of the market.

Facebook: Will it be around forever?


I have often marveled at the shear success of Facebook and how they have knocked all competition out of the park to create the most widely used social networking website on the internet. It currently has a staggering 500 million active users and statistically 1 in every 13 people on Earth have an account. Facebook has changed the way people interact in a social environment, either for better or for worse. The overwhelming figure that 70% of Facebook's user base reside outside of the United States and Great Britain really puts into perspective how Facebook has branched out into non-English speaking countries. Visiting the profile page of a Chinese man now feels like you've been transported from Facebook into another dimension of obscure symbols and beautiful anime girls.

Just a few years ago we would have been unconvinced whether Facebook was capable of overtaking the past leaders in social networking such as MySpace and Bebo services. My personal opinion as to the reason for Facebook's substantial success comes down to the exclusivity, meaning that whilst MySpace is geared towards music lovers and Bebo caters quite heavily for children Facebook has no strict target audience. This makes Facebook a comfortable and welcoming service that is attractive to new visitors and does not exclude anyone because of their personal characteristics including race, religion or sexuality. The question as to whether Facebook can outlast the thwarts of time has yet to be seen but they have already implemented numerous measures to reinforce the service as an adaptable and ever-changing one. Regarding recent changes such as the rearranged layout and new system for displaying photographs: Facebook are desperately trying to keep people interested and meeting the demands of the people. However change is often frowned upon especially when it is done wrongly, the worrying question remains whether a drastic unwanted change could be the downfall of Facebook.

People doubted that MySpace would ever die at the time. I mean it's not dead now, technically. It's like a graveyard now where the only visitors are undertakers and the occasional morning to weep over the memories of their lost and bedraggled service - all the while listening to to the old and forgotten Greenday albums and wishing they had got more of a suntan in the summer of 2006. Their passion was admirational.. I do think now it is time to let go. You'll still have your memories that you can share on Facebook!

No matter how much security and prevention methods they have Facebook is still a love-nest for hackers to manipulate the personal information to target individual people. The amount of details people post about themselves on Facebook unknowingly can be dangerous because of the people who are able to get hold of that information and use it for their own purposes. Even without the threat from intruders Facebook also causes a great deal of domestic problems for people - Every other week there's an article about how Mrs Smith from Brighton was sacked from her work after she called her manager a balding muggle in a Facebook status and he spilled coffee all over himself in tearful anger.

Despite what angle we look at this from Facebook will not last forever most certainly. It will eventually be considered less trendy for the new youth and the curtains will be drawn for the majority of active users as they migrate to a more interesting service that offers better social interacting with friends. It's still going to be around for a bloody long time though!

Fallout 3: The satisfying taste of a nuclear apocalyptic shooter with an unbeatable storyline


Fallout 3 was a visually stunning and captivating action role-playing/FPS (First Person Shooter) game that took the gaming world by storm back in 2008. Created by Bethesda Softworks this diverse game is still one of the pioneers in legendary adventure gaming expedience almost three years on. I have to recommend this beautiful game to anyone with a passion for action and exploration, alongside a satisfying storyline and enough freedom to leave you with a full stomach. It's really that good.

The storyline revolves around the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse as the world as we know it comes to an end. To escape from the everlasting war being fought on the surface people are evacuated to underground facilities known as "Vaults". These Vaults are designed to keep out the radiation and to preserve the way of life for the inhabitants and you fill the shoes of a character born into the Vault; growing up in the community and eventually growing up into adulthood underground. However after a sudden turn of events your father decides to flee the Vault into the radioactive wasteland above like a maniac, and you obviously decide to follow him out of the comfort and safety of what was once your home. This game is about your experiences upon leaving the Vault.

The wasteland is not always the friendliest of places! You'll meet characters who only have the sole purpose of eliminating you and others from the Vault. On the other hand you also have characters who will take your side and follow you around if you are nice to them, or pay them a certain amount of "bottle caps" (the new currency). Ultimately the greatest thing about this game is your ability to do exactly what you want. You can be nasty to everyone and kill each character you encounter, if that pleases you. Just like in the quests you have multiple different ways of solving each of them, some result in good karma, others in bad karma. And whatever decisions you make shape how the game will be for you, and your experiences. So if you're evil to everyone then expect them to be hostile to you! You'll evidently notice that most of the children in this game are brats - But you hold to power to help them or leave them stranded and dying. I guess without the parents these kids have no manners, and trust me nobody's going to judge you for leaving them in a sludge pool or a cage. They did deserve it.

What you'll notice immediately is the vast scale of the map. The amount of locations you can visit is simply unreal and each of them holds different interactions and activities to undertake, as well as they can sometimes have quite a nostalgic value. The design of the landscape almost brings a tear to my eye it's that beautiful. You can travel to real-places such as the White House (which was destroyed during the nuclear war to leave a giant crater). It's also infested with deranged super mutants and feral ghouls who became mutated because of the radiation, so watch out! Speaking of which you might want to avoid large lakes of radioactive liquids, and stock up on Rad-X or Stimpacks to heal yourself when in bother. You can utilize a wide range of items to aid you throughout the game, for instance Stealth-Boy enables you to sneak past enemies undetected. There's also an extensive variety of perks and levels all of which let you do different things. I mean, who doesn't want to try out the Cannible Perk and munch on some fresh, juicy corpses? Oh yes, take caution as doing this will make the inhabitants believe you are insane and immediately exclude you from their villages and settlements. Then again you can always return guns-blazing and see what they have to say about it when you're aiming down the sights of your hunting rifle.

Be shocked at the amount of weapons you have available for confrontation. You seen to uncover stashes of firearms and ammunition all over the place. Even some random container in the middle of nowhere is filled with .44 Caliber Magnums and Baseball bats. But no matter how hard you search, there's not many people who are up for a good-long baseball game with you, I mean I'm sure it's the fact of the world being destroyed that's keeping them away. They don't necessarily hate you! You'll also come into contact with groups of coordinated soldiers who have divided into factions on the wasteland. Specifically the Brotherhood and the Enclave who both have advanced technology and bases across the map. You'd be best to stay on their good side if you value you're life. There's nothing worse than being mowed down by a tactical unit of heavily armored elite Brotherhood guards, all packing Power Armor and wielding Miniguns.

This pictured  above is the inventory. This allows you to store all your items, weapons and collectibles on your person for later needs. You can be quite tactical, using the appropriate weapon at the correct time and conserving the ammunition of the others. Take note though that an excessive amount of stuff leads to you being too heavy and unable to run. Remember to get rid of any of the useless rubbish you have collected on the wasteland, although you can trade these items with traders, a lot of the stuff you find will be useless materials and items. I mean who needs a conductor, an iron and a cup after the nuclear apocalypse anyway? Perhaps you could iron your tuxedo and drink some radioative-tea in your partially destroyed home and forget the nuclear war ever happens.

You do require a number of skills in this game to stay alive. Namely you need to be able to pick locks and hack computer terminals, and these skills can be gained through perks or experience rewarded during combat situations. The number of random compartments or janitor's closets that have a safe of computer terminal can be invaluable, for instance you can often deactivate security robots through the terminals and uncover secret documents in the safes. Always be on the lookout for secrets in Fallout 3. They're everywhere and often contain shocking information about the nuclear war and the Vaults. I won't spoil anymore storyline here though. Putting together an idea of what actually happened to the wasteland and to your father can be a key part of Fallout 3.

I guarantee you have never played a game where you are as free as you are in Fallout 3. The shear ability to take multiple paths has a great sense of satisfaction whilst playing. You ultimately shape what kind of person you want to be through your actions and dialog with characters. And sometimes you have to decide whether to stand beside your morals and give the trader the two-thousand bottle caps he demands - or blow his brains out and steal his merchandise whilst keeping the precious loot. There's so much to do and see and each new place is unpredictable and exciting. Fallout 3 will leave you eagerly playing into the small hours of the morning, every morning.

The NGP (PlayStation Portable 2): A console to withstand time?


It has been a long while since Sony's last handheld. But now that news has spread about their new device there is a lot of discussion on whether it can exceed both the hype and the expectations of users. To add competition Nintendo is also pushing forward its concept of a new Nintendo DS handheld console to rival Sony.

There were numerous problems with the first PlayStation portable device which may be resolved in this new model. First Person Shooter (FPS) games tend to rely quite heavily on the ability to play with two analogue sticks, something which the first PSP lacked. But fortunately we might actually see a handheld with two this time!

Personally I've never seen the need for a double screen external interface like the Nintendo DS. It seems like it could aid the game playing experience but not in a drastic way to make the extra screen worthwhile. Sony's physical design of having one large screen meant the console will not be bulky, and could easily slip into your pocket being lightweight and convenient for use.

Another thing was the fiddly controls which often made simple tasks all the more complicated. Sony's solution is to intoduce a touchscreen similar to that of Apple's iPod device so there is less time spent fumbling around with the D-Pad. In fact the NGP will now have a five inch 16 million colour 960x544 OLED touchscreen. Impressive much?

That's definitely going to be great for watching movies and media out and about. I'm just worried that the cost is going to be extortionate with all this advanced technology.

According to Eurogamer the retail price for the NGP will be "so low that Sony will lose money". That's quite shocking but also exciting at the same time. It'll definitely make it much easier for people to get their hands on one of these beauties! On a slightly less positive note Sony have not commented on the battery life but it is expected to have between 4-5 consistent hours.

I hope this drawback does not defuse what is otherwise a revolutionary new handheld media console.

The power of the NGP processing power is remarkable. It has been stated that the NGP's quad-core GPU setup is 'four times as powerful as top of the range current mobile platforms'. Quite frankely, this puts the game playing abilities of the iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android to shame. However this is a gaming platform instead of a mobile phone. But I know that many people have chosen one single device for all their needs - I think a lot of people are going to re-evaluate that decision after hearing about the NGP. One outcome is this could make the iPod's gaming apps obsolete. This is truly going to feel like having a PS3 in your pocket wherever you go.

I've researched quite deeply into the features and capabilities of the NGP and the power of this small handheld is genuinely stunning. It boasts some quite graphically intense launch titles including Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance and LittleBigPlanet.  If you've ever had the delight of playing some of these classics then you'll be aware of how vast and large these games are. The fact that these games will even be playable on a console a tenth of the size of the PS3 is bewildering to say the least.

To survive in this day and age the NGP must be adaptable with other media which is why they've ditched Universal Media Disks (UMDs) and adopted Flash Disks which are more compatible and can hold larges file sizes which will be beneficial for the type of games it will be playing.

I also love that the NGP is going to provide a social interaction system named LiveArea which will connect the gaming audience together into one large community with relation to the already existent PlayStation Network (PSN). Through LiveArea you will be able to compete with other gamers and also earn achievements from games which are stored on your virtual profile.

To conclude the NGP is such a revolutionary advancement in both technology and social gaming alike. We can look forward to a console which delivers unspeakably high definition games and movies. Nintendo will certainly have to push boundaries in order to rival the NGP's extraordinary features. But only time will tell. Battery life is concerning but that is in no way definitive and could still change according to various sources. Let's just hope that the benefits of this amazing console outweigh any minor downsides.

Sony has claimed that the NGP could be available as early as Christmas 2011.